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Pigment print on Hahnemuehle cotton rag

111.8 x 148.1 cm | 44 x 58.3 in

Series of 5 + 2 AP 

45.7 x 60.6 cm | 18 x 23.9 in

Series of 5 + 2 AP 

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Gele Posy (2024) is a digital photo-collage series featuring traditional Nigerian head-ties (or gele) in an array of florally inspired designs. The series is inspired by the long-established tradition and by floriography, otherwise known as, the 'language of flowers’. Floriography is a communication method attributing secret meanings and symbolism to specific flowers, often gifted to another — a practice recorded in traditional cultures for thousands of years. Gele is one element of an
often head-to-toe, coordinating (or contrasting pattern) traditional attire worn by Nigerian women. In addition to their stylistic purpose, Nigerian gele designs historically also contained symbolic, unspoken meanings indicating a woman’s social and marital status. Typically worn on special occasions and to church, the
gele continues to play a prominent role in Nigerian style and cultural identity as a symbol of pride, sisterhood and unity. The floral inspired gele featured in this series were conceived by Medina and Nigerian gele artist/photographer Timibra David, who tied them.


Gele Posy is a continuation of Medina’s work on traditional Nigerian hair designs - their origins, symbolisms and contemporary influences.


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