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Despite the fact that approximately 85% of Lagos is on the power grid, daily residential and commercial operations are largely dependent on generators as a result of frequent power outages. In many cases, the monstrous machines are still managed by a single person. Black out, flash on: it is a daily, often hourly occurrence. For the vast majority of Lagosians, the absence of power is an unfortunate reality of life, for those with generators, this phenomenon is a momentary inconvenience while power switches from one mode to another. Seven Days in the Life of Amos documents the individual behind the generator. During one week, Amos meticulously tallied each time he switched from the generator to NEPA (government issued power), and back. The assemblage of images is a symbolic representation of the process over the period of one week and is intended to highlight the repetitive nature of this job that keeps Lagos running.


Seven Days in the Life of Amos was exhibited in LagosPhoto 2012.

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